Florida Shopping and Destination Guides


Destination Guides

Florida Shopping and Destination Guides.

Click a link for a cityguide or destination guides and city specific information including where to stay, attractions and what to see, restaurants, family friendly hotels and more. These destination guides and accompanying information are very helpful in planning your vacation or weekend getaway. If you need to purchase something right away - why not try Wal-Mart?

  • Miami - Miami offers a grand array of activities geared towards enjoyment! Visitors can take on such activities as deep-sea fishing to snorkeling, from playing golf to scuba diving. Of course, the beaches always allow for sun relaxation!
  • Palm Beach - Whether you are seeking relaxation, entertainment, shopping, or a variety of land and water sports, you will find that your vacation dreams are sure to come true in this popular vacation destination.
  • Panama City Beach - Panama City, Florida is one of the most popular Spring Break destinations in the country. Spring Breakers and thousands of others visit this city each year for its incredible beaches and fun-filled atmosphere. Located on Florida's Gulf Coast, Panama City features a host of activities for the entire family, and its accommodations range from economy to first-class resorts and hotels.
  • Key West - Less than 90 miles from Cuba, and less than 10 miles square in area, Key West is one of the hottest vacation destinations in the country. There's more packed into this small island than one would think possible, and visitors to the Florida Keys are never disappointed. Key West has a busy central tourist district, but it also has plentiful quiet, palm-lined streets with beautiful Spanish style houses. While the numerous beaches and resorts are primary focal points, there are lots of other family activities on this tiny island to keep one busy.
  • Tampa - Although Miami and Orlando are more well known and draw the lion's share of Florida tourism, Tampa and the surrounding area has begun to garner its fair share of tourists. Over the past few decades, the region has grown and developed into a wonderful destination with excellent beaches and world-class hotels.

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Florida Shopping and Destination Guides